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Android Q Name: Our best and worst suggestions

Android Q’s developer beta is now here, so for the technically savvy amongst you, Pixel users can now experience Google’s latest and greatest (not confirmed) mobile operating system.

What can you expect? Well, there’s system-level dark mode that looks great, and you can also tweak the accents on your notification bar, and a few extra accessibility tweaks and fixes. 

But focus on the features of your mobile operating system and you’re not asking the important questions. What is Android Q actually called? Google are keeping quiet about the foodstuff associated with the letter Q, but using our team of certified experts (not confirmed) here at Trusted Reviews, we’ve got to the bottom of it for you.

So, what exactly does the Q in Android Q actually mean?

Android dark mode

The Good

Android release names are sweet. Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread… if it’s not a sweet treat, Google probably isn’t going to name a Google release after it.

There are a few different Q named desserts, but they’re not likely to have the sort of recognition as something like Android Kit Kat.

These desserts are so out of the way, in fact, that I’ve only tried even heard of two of these before we used Google our hive mind to pull desserts from.

Android 10: Quaribiya

Android 10: Quindim

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Qottab, an iranian fried dessert with almonds

Android 10: Qottab

Android 10: Quesito

Android 10: Queijadinha

Android 10: Quirks

Android 10: Quality Street (bit British, but great name)

The Bad

Okay, so how about if we just go for food? Sure, Android has always chosen sweet stuff, but these are some absolute bangers. Despite the loud protestations of our mobile editor, Android has technically gone for savoury treats. No one has said that Android Pie isn’t about meat pies, and Android Kit Kat could be one of the weird savoury tasting ones that’s only available in Japan.

You just don’t know, okay?

Android 10: Quesadilla

Android 10: Quinoa

Android 10: Quiche

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Quavers, a british snack that’s cheesy and delicious

Android 10: Quavers

Outside of the wilful misreadings, Q is a tough one. Quarrot Cake is a strong option but that’s not how you spell Carrot. Basically, Google has really backed themselves into a corner here, and no doubt we’ll be doing this all over again for Google Y (Yoghurt?) and Google Z (Zucchini?)

What do you think Android Q should be called? Let us know on Twitter at @TrustedReviews.