The Android Messages app is getting a new Dark Theme

The latest version of Android Messages started rolling out to the Play Store this week, and it’s provided our first look at the Dark Theme Google first teased last month.

The RCS messaging app is set for a major redesign, and one of the upcoming features we’re most looking forward to is the new Dark Theme, which will make it kinder to your eyes when you’re texting at night.

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It’s not yet available to users, but XDA-Developers managed to force the Dark Theme on. When it eventually does arrive, you’ll be able to switch it on by diving into the main menu.

As you’d expect, it completely transforms the look of Messages, switching its background from white to black. It also inverts the colours of some conversation bubbles, with text switching from black to white and the bubble switching from pale to dark grey, helping incoming messages stand out.

android messages dark theme


The latest version of the app hints at a feature called Pairing with Chromebook too.

Google recently introduced Android Messages for Web, which lets you view your phone messages and text from your computer. Pairing with Chromebook is expected to make this mobile-desktop tie-up even more seamless.

Android Messages will soon get the Material Design treatment, which will see its currently grey background turn white.

The blue bar at the top is also being stripped of its colour, the “Messages” header on the main screen is switching to the Google Sans font and moving to the centre of the bar, and there’s going to be a large new Start Chat button there too.

Improvements are being made to the search functionality too. The redesigned version of the app will suggest filters, such as videos, links, pictures and locations, and the search bar will also try to make things easier by suggesting contacts.

Which upcoming features are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts with us @TrustedReviews.

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