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Android M could give users more privacy controls

Google’s next smartphone OS, Android M, could boost the ability for users to control what happens to their data.

Google I/O takes place at the end of this month, but precious little is known about the software that will likely be at its core – Android M.

One recent Bloomberg report points to a possible area of focus from Google – privacy.

According to the report, Android M will give users “more detailed choices” over what personal data apps can access. This could include photos, your location, or your contacts.

At present when you download an Android app, you are notified of the data the app will access. You’re then given a simple choice – download or don’t download.

With Android M, the suggestion goes, you’ll be able to determine the precise data individual apps have access to without being forced into such a binary choice.

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As SlashGear points out, such options have been present in the Android code in the past, but Google has kept it hidden from most users in the name of app stability. Now it could be set to push those options front and centre.

One thing we do know from Google’s leaked Google I/O agenda is that “Android for Work” will be a big focus. Increasing a user’s power over data privacy would certainly tally with a push into more businesses.