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Android 11 is removing option to select default camera app

Many Android users prefer the Google-powered operating system because of the perception it offers them more freedom than Apple’s iOS. That has long included the choice of a default camera app beyond the stock option.

However, it appears that will change in the forthcoming Android 11 release. Android Police noticed an official issue tracker thread that shows the default camera app selector is being removed from the operating system.

Android developers testing the new OS noted the issue as a ‘regression’ from Android 10 to 11, but a response from a Google engineer says it won’t be fixed as it’s ‘intended behaviour’.

The unnamed engineer wrote: “While this makes the handling of the not very common case mentioned here more complicated, we believe it’s the right trade-off to protect the privacy and security of our users.”

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Currently, in Android 10, the “capture image with” dialogue box gives users an option for which camera app they’d like to use when selecting the camera option within a third-party app. So, for example, if you’re uploading a new eBay listing and want to take a picture, you may see this option.

The dialogue box currently gives users the chance to select this option just once or to use that camera app moving forward. However, in Android 11, they’ll be lumbered with the stock option. The change is likely to annoy developers of camera apps, as well as Android users who like to select a different, third-party camera app as their go-to.

At least apps with their own built-in image capturing app, such as Instagram for example, will not be restricted moving forwards. A 9to5Google report points out that the double-tap shortcut will still enable users to select a default camera app, but whether that will remain an option in the final version of Android 11 remains to be seen.