AMD Takes Radeon HD 4890 to 1GHz

Pretty impressive.

Apparently forgetting all the hard work it put into dispelling the ‘MHz myth’ with Athlon 64, AMD is boasting its latest Radeon HD 4890 has reached the 1GHz mark. A world’s first for a factory-overclocked, air-cooled card says AMD.

That’s a pretty significant improvement over the 850Mhz core clock of the ‘vanilla’ 4890 – about 18 per cent in fact. If you like teraFLOPs as a measure of computing power, a 1GHz 4890 will apparently deliver 1.6 of them.

Whether that will translate into a similar jump in real-world performance will, obviously, depend on the rest of your system -and what you’re doing with it. It’s also worth pointing out that, while AMD is probably cherry picking 4890s capable of hitting 1GHz for these cards, there’s nothing to say a normal, 850MHz, 4890 won’t also reach similar levels of overclock.

AMD isn’t mentioning pricing for the 1GHz 4890 but it seems likely that a nigh-on 20 per cent performance boost will see at least a similar hike in the card’s MSRP.