AMD Shipping Dual-Core Athlon Neo In 2009

Part of the Congo platform, Yukon's successor.

AMD launched its Yukon platform out at CES, combining a single-core Athlon Neo CPU with its old M690 chipset and we were suitably impressed with the results, as evidenced within the HP Pavilion dv2. But being the fickle sort I am, in 2009 it takes a dual-core processor to get me excited so it’s lucky for AMD that it has a dual-core Neo CPU scheduled for later this year.

According to EWeek, the CPU will ship as part of a platform called Congo, the successor to Yukon on which HP’s dv2, and its peers, are based. As with Yukon, Congo is targeted squarely at ultra-portable systems and won’t be seen in netbook-sized machines. Notably AMD is said to be keeping its dual-core CPU within the same 15W TDP as the single-core Neo, ensuring that there’s no hit to battery life from the increased processing power.

Considering rumours of a possible direct rival to Yukon from Intel, in the form of the CULV platform, it’s good to see AMD isn’t pinning all its hopes on the ultra-portable notebook platform it currently has developed. Even in Intel isn’t proposing a directly competitive platform, enough manufacturers seem to be adopting Atom chips in ultra-portable systems that AMD still needs to be worried.

Supposedly we won’t be waiting that long to see dual-core Neo, either, as AMD is planning a launch before the second half of the year – suggesting a five month wait at worst.