AMD Reveals More Phenom Details

Clock Speeds, release schedule - all within.

AMD’s Phenom range of processors is supposed to be shipping next month, which means we would usually expect to see some details emerge around now. To the effect of which, we now know what chips we’ll be getting our hands on come launch.

So, in November, we will see the Phenom 9600 clocked at 2.4GHz along with the Phenom 9500 at 2.2GHz. Both chips will feature 512KB of L2-cache per core and a 2MB L3-cache shared between all four cores. Further more, both will have a 3.6GHz HyperTransport bus.

In December these two offerings will be joined by a third, the 2.6GHz Phenom 9700. A further 9xxx-series processor will debut in Q2’08 but the details aren’t yet fixed – although the clock speed almost certainly wont exceed 3.0GHz.

On the enthusiast front, the multiplier-unlocked FX series will see its first Phenom in the form of the FX-82, which will have a 2.6GHz (or maybe faster) clock speed when it arrives in the first half of 2008. Again, a second model will come later, but no other details are available about it.

No information was given about tri-core Phenom chips, but we do also know that the upcoming RV670 graphics chip and RD790 motherboard chipset will be arriving alongside Phenom next month, which we already suspected. The decision now, is whether Phenom or Penryn will be gracing your stocking this Christmas.

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