AMD Merges CPU and GPU Development

Single division to produce both processors and graphics chips.

Three years on from AMD buying ATI the complete assimilation of the graphics company seems to have been completed. A reorganisation means that AMD’s GPU and CPU development teams have been merged into a single division which will work on both.

This streamlined business model also has three other groups, focussing on technology, marketing and customers. AMD reckons that this new structure will: “better optimise AMD’s operations to drive industry-leading performance graphics and microprocessors and further integrate the company’s x86 processor and graphics technologies.”

AMD is, arguably, some three years late on making this transition from a CPU company that also has a GPU division to an all-out CPU and GPU company. Nonetheless, the combining of AMD’s GPU and CPU development does suggest the company is getting serious about development of its forthcoming Fusion products – such as or Shrike – which will integrate a CPU and GPU cores into the same die. As CEO Dirk Meyer puts it: “The next generation of innovation in the computing industry will be grounded in the fusion of microprocessor and graphics technologies.”

It’s going to be interesting to see if this restructure can help turn AMD’s fortunes around. It would be nice to see the company turn a profit some time soon.


Via DailyTech.