AMD Introduces Athlon64 FX-55 and Athlon64 4000+

If you're an enthusiast with cash to flash, you'll probably be wanting AMD's new flagship processor, the FX-55. Meanwhile, the FX-53 morphs into the Athlon64 4000+.

As expected, AMD announced today the Athlon 64 FX-55 and the Athlon 64 4000+. Both of these are aimed firmly at the enthusiast market with (Linkout: selling the the FX55 for £610 and the 4000+ for £546 including VAT.


The FX55 heads up AMDs performance flagship department with a clock speed of 2.6GHz up from 2.4.GHz on the FX-53, which is now discontinued. The 4000+ meanwhile offers the same clock speed as the 3800+ but boasts an increased Level 2 cache of 1MB. This in fact means that it’s identical to the FX-53 so it’s merely the same chip in renamed.


Meanwhile, though it’s hardly a surprise, Via has confirmed that its recently announced PCI Express chipset for Athlon 64, the (Linkout: K8T890) will support the FX-55 and 4000+. Additionally, AMD has stated that the Athlon 64 will also be supported with forthcoming chipsets from ATI, nVidia, SiS, ULi. nVidia will releasing full details of its offering later today.