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AMD drops massive hint over Playstation Neo and updated Xbox One

Another day, another potential indication a PlayStation Neo / 4.5 and an Xbox One update might well be on the way this year.

The latest hint comes from chip manufacturer AMD, which says it has revealed sizeable orders for three new custom SoC configurations, all of which are within the gaming sector.

At its most recent earnings call (via SlashGear), the firm said it expects revenues to rise 15 per cent in the next quarter due to the orders.

The additional custom will also bring in $1.5 billion in revenues over the next 3/4 years, so this is clearly a big deal.

Nintendo are long-time AMD customers and the current PS4 and Xbox One also feature AMD internals.

With the Nintendo NX expected to go into production this year, more and more weight to the PS4.5 rumours and the potential for Microsoft to follow suit, does this account for the three orders in question?

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Despite dropping a rather large hint, AMD says it isn’t giving anything else away and it’ll be left up to the manufacturers to break the news.

The PlayStation and Nintendo announcements are expected to arrive at E3 2016, but whether Microsoft has anything up its sleeve to compete remains unclear.


The company recently stated it wouldn’t launch an Xbox One.5, but mid-cycle hardware refreshes were common with the Xbox 360, which was finally discontinued this week.