AMD And Evesham Falling Out?

No more direct relationship.

Evesham has had rather a hard time of things recently. Having recently gone into receivership and required some hefty investment to bail itself out of trouble it could only be expected that some problems would arise.

Of course a major chip supplier pulling its direct relationship with you could count as more than a minor setback, and this is exactly what AMD has done. What this means is that although Evesham can still use AMD processors in its systems, access to early information regarding upcoming processor lines and bulk-buy discounts will likely be pulled.

Evesham is doing its best to maintain its reputation through the reorganisation process, and is assuring customers that there will be no problem with the supply of AMD systems due to this move. Managing Director, Richard Austin, claims this is the first he has heard of the decision on AMD’s part and said simply “I guess we’ll have to rebuild our credibility”.

As Evesham says, this shouldn’t cause any immediate problems as processors are still available, but long term the company must hope that it can re-forge the relationship it had with AMD and the benefits it doubtless entailed, while hoping Intel doesn’t react in a similar manner.

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