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AmbiLED HD adds ambient light to any monitor

Bored of your tired old computer monitor? Give it a new lease of life with this, a conversion kit that adds ambient light to any desktop set-up.

Why would you want to add ambient light to your monitor? you may ask. Because it makes what’s on-screen more immersive, so you’ll get more involved in the film you’re watching, or the game you’re playing.

It’s smarter than previous ambient light kits too. Previously, if you wanted ambient light to come spilling out of your monitor, you’d have to attach 3-30 LEDs around the display, which meant a lot of cables and connectors. The AmbiLED HD, however, uses a strip that’s filled with LEDs, with no cabling or unsightly connections whatsoever. Which makes for an altogether more elegant way of doing it.

AmbiLED HD can control up to 512 LEDs (that’s 8.5m around) with just a three-pin connection. It’s all in one self-adhesive strip too, which you attach to the back of your display. Plug the three-pin connector into the AmbiLED HD controller, supply that with the included AC adapter, and connect it to the USB port on your PC. And that’s it, you’re good to go.

You can see a video of how to install it at the bottom of this story.

Not only does all the extra light help immerse you in what’s on-screen, it also protects your eyes in the dark. 

It supports Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, though not OS X at the moment.

To find out more, check out the
Kickstarter page

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