Amazon To Announce Kindle Tablet This Week

Amazon has announced a press conference for this week in New York where founder

Jeff Bezos is likely to unveils its first ever tablet.

Famed for revolutionising the ereader market with the

Kindle, Amazon is now set to go head-to-head with Apple and try and

outdo the Cupertino company by offering the 7in Kindle tablet at a budget price

of around $250.

While Amazon has never officially said it was developing a

tablet, it has been one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world. Indeed

only a couple of weeks ago, a journalist from the TechCrunch blog managed to get his hands on the device for a couple of hours.

Amazon Kindle 7in tablet

The only thing we have to discover is what the Android

tablet actually looks like. As well as the hardware, it will be the Kindle

tablet’s complete redesign of the Android UI which will be one of the most

interesting aspects of the new device.

Amazon is hoping that the combination of low pricing and easy

access to Amazon content will attract a lot of customers to purchase the new


Amazon Kindle 7in tablet

We’ll be covering Amazon’s announcement live on Wednesday from 3pm UK time and bring you all the details of the new tablet as they are announced.