Amazon Tablet to be Called Kindle Fire

We told you about the Amazon Kindle Tablet announcement earlier this week, and the big reveal is

tomorrow. In the meantime, a few more details on the hotly-anticipated device

have been leaked.

This 7in tab is set to debut at around half the price of

perhaps its biggest rival, the iPad 2. So for your £200-250, you’ll get a heavily modified, custom version of

Android 2.1 running on what’s looking to be a sub-1GHz processor, backed by a

mere 6GB of storage. Supposedly, there will also be little or nothing in the

way of connectivity and hardware controls.Amazon Kindle 7in tablet

Nothing to set the world on fire, then, which is ironic given

that TechCrunch

has discovered Amazon’s tablet will likely be called the Kindle Fire. Mind you,

there is a certain logical progression to the name what with kindling already

provided, so kudos to whichever bright spark thought it up.

What with plenty of established rivals (though admittedly

few worth considering at this price point), Amazon might have a hard time

getting consumers to warm to its offering, especially in the US where it will

face strong competition from Barnes and Nobles’s rumoured Nook 2. However, it

does have a lot of brand recognition and a strong established marketplace to

make this tablet a potential success.

Has the Kindle Fire lit a flame in your heart, or does it

leave you cold? Let us know in the comments.