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Amazon has started rolling out Apple Music on Fire TV

Amazon’s collaboration with Apple to bring Apple Music to their devices seems to have been extended, as Amazon’s Fire TV streaming boxes and sticks have been updated to allow users to select Apple Music as their chosen music source.

If you’re in the US, you can ask Alexa to bring the noise using Apple Music from today. UK residents will have to wait a little longer, with Amazon suggesting Fire TV devices will receive support in the next few weeks, while Echo support was added yesterday for those of us in Brexit island.

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Getting it work is simple: if you have an Apple Music account it shouldn’t be any more difficult than linking it up with Alexa and bellowing at your nearest smart speaker.

This is a boon for Apple Music, and getting into Amazon’s ecosystem will make things more convenient for those using Apple’s music service, and there’s suggestions that Google Home will soon start to support it, too, although Google has been inconclusive about whether it will or won’t be supporting, pointing their blame-finger at Google Assistant, which does support Apple Music already. Google has been vague about this, so it’s unsure where their collective company-sized head is on the matter, exactly. We can hope, though.

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Good news for those into Apple’s music service, meaning you won’t need a second music service just to play music using your smart speakers. It’s a big step for Apple, a company that has been somewhat aggressive about keeping everything within its own closed wall ecosystem.

Recently though, it seems Apple has opened up to the possibility that working with other companies could be a smart move, especially when they’ve carved up the market as successfully as Amazon’s Fire and Echo ranges.

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