Amazon’s Launches HTML5-based Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon was obviously not happy being told to change its

Kindle app by Apple and has come up with a neat workaround to allow people read

and purchase Kindle books without having to give Apple anything.

Amazon had to remove the link to the Kindle Store from its

iPad app recently due to changes in Apple’s in-app purchase system, whereby Apple

gets the same cut of these purchases as it does of the purchase of apps


Now Amazon has released a HTML5-based web app, called the Kindle

Cloud Reader, which works with the Chrome and Safari browsers – and more importantly has been

optimised to work with Safari on the iPad. Therefore Apple won’t get dollar one

from any books purchases via this web app.

The Kindle Cloud Reader offers users all the usual features,

such as accessing your library of books; purchase once, read everywhere; as

well as in-book options of altering text size and note-taking.

Currently there is no version of Kindle Cloud Reader available for the iPhone and

the app is also not supported on Honeycomb tablets, but Amazon has said it will

be expanding support for the Kindle Cloud Reader in the future.

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

With US video service Vudu recently announcing that it is also planning

on releasing a HTML5-based app, it could mark a shift in the way companies deal

with side-stepping Apple’s rather stringent in-app purchase system.

Source: Kindle Cloud Reader