Amazon Prime Instant Video coming to Android soon

Amazon has confirmed there’s an Amazon Prime Instant Video app coming for Android devices soon.

Currently, you can’t get Amazon’s video streaming service, formally LoveFilm, as a dedicated app on any Android devices aside from the company’s own Kindle Fire tablet range.

However, Amazon has confirmed that this is going to change in the very near future.

Marketing Director of Amazon Instant Video, Russell Morris, told PC Advisor that a general Android app launch is “imminent”.

Amazon has already made the Amazon Instant Prime Video app available to iOS devices, the majority of Smart TVs and game consoles along with Kindle Fire tablets.

Users have oft complained to Amazon since the Lovefilm/Instant Prime switchover happened and the app disappeared from the app stores.

But thankfully, it looks like Android tablet and smartphone owners will soon get access to the service, opening up Amazon’s streaming service to Google’s 1 billion strong mobile user base.

Morris also confirmed that Amazon has a team dedicated to working on launching 4K quality content on the Amazon Instant Prime Video service this year.

Back in 2013, Amazon Studios confirmed it would film all its 2014 original series in 4K Ultra HD.

“As a premium original content creator, we’re excited about 4K and the future of Ultra HD technology, particularly as we move into drama series next year,” said Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios, at the time of the announcement.

The 4K footage will offer content capable of being viewed with a 3840 x 2160p resolution.

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