Amazon Planning Book Subscription Service

Amazon is speaking to publishers about a subscription

service – akin to a Netflix fore books – according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The service would allows Kindle owners to access a vast library of

contents for a yearly subscription, but the company is having problems

convincing a number of publishers to get on-board, according to the sources who

spoke to the WSJ.

A number of executives at publishing houses believe that

such a digital media library would lower the value of books and could strain their

relationships with other retailers that sell their books.

While details of the service are thin on the ground at the

moment, it is believed that the subscription to this digital library would be

included with a $79-a-year Amazon Prime package. Sources also said the content

which would be available would be older books, rather than new releases.

Amazon Kindle Subscription Service

Amazon is hoping to off-set the worry of publishers by

offering them a sizeable fee for participating in the scheme and even limiting

the number of books users can view each month.

Amazon announced last April that it was going to begin

lending ebooks through 11,000 public libraries in the US in a partnership with OverDrive,

who provide digital content solutions to libraries in the

States, in a bid to create “a seamless library borrowing experience” for Kindle


That system is still to come online in

the US, and will no doubt take quite a while to come available on this side of

the pond – as no doubt would be the case for the subscription service too, when or if that ever comes to fruition.

Source: Wall Street Journal