Amazon looking at battery free eReader

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has submitted a patent application for a “remote display” system, in which the eReaders we use would be reduced to screens without a need for a battery or processor.

Negating any need for a processor or internal storage or battery, the e-reader would be wirelessly powered and provided with content from a nearby base station. According to the filing, said base station could also receive user input, including voice or gesture commands, and handle the processing remotely.

If this works, the e-reader remote display could be able to operate “for substantially longer periods and may not need to be recharged”, says the patent application.

“Similar to Wi-Fi services today that require a fee to access, users could be charged an access or usage fee to utilize the system including usage of the wirelessly transmitted power. [A] rechargeable battery may however provide additional benefits. If the data available to the student included the electronic version of the text books required by a class, a student might be able to view the electronic version of the text book while in class and may no longer need to carry multiple, heavy books around campus,” an explanation of usage in the application reads

Of course, the section about the reading solutions is particularly applicable to Amazon’s own eReader range, the Kindle, which could revolutionise the already popular device.

However, aside from this particular example, the patent application also outlines that the remote display technology could be integrated into car windshields, or even a pair of glasses. This could suggest that the retail giant is looking to create its own Google Glass rivalling augmented reality headgear.

Do you think this remote display technology could be a potential money-saving option, storing data in the cloud rather than on the actual devices? Is the UK Wi-Fi service and mobile data network ready for such a system? Give us your thoughts on the subject via the TrustedReviews Facebook and Twitter feeds or the comments below.

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