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Amazon is plotting the ballsiest move in its long history of ballsy moves

Ever since smartphones became a thing, we’ve been using them in brick and mortar stores to see if we can buy the item cheaper on Amazon. With free shipping through Prime, it’s often a no brainer… wait 48 hours and save some dosh.

While, for the last decade, the tech has helped Amazon undercut struggling high streets, it’s a completely different story now the boot is on the other foot.

In what would be one of the cheekiest moves in the company’s history, the firm is working on tech that would stop shoppers comparing prices in its own physical locations.

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In a patent entitled Physical Store Online Shopping Control, Amazon outlines how it would use an in-store Wi-Fi network to block shoppers’ access to rival sites.

The patent explains how “based upon an evaluation of the identified content, a determination may be may that the consumer device is attempting to access information associated with a competitor of the retailer or an item offered for sale by the retailer.

“At least one control action may then be directed based upon that determination.”

Wow. You’ve almost got to admire the grapefruits on Amazon here.

Of course, there’s an easy work around through mobile data, but who’s to say whether Amazon won’t build stores into cellular black holes too? Huh?

We kid, of course, but after seeing this patent, nothing would surprise us.

Would this tech prevent you shopping at physical Amazon locations in future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.