Amazon Instant Video iOS update brings HD video, cellular streaming

Amazon has finally updated its app to bring several new features sorely missed on the iOS platform.

The first is high-definition viewing; wait, what? That’s right – until now, iOS users could only view Prime Video content in standard definition.

Netflix has offered HD mobile viewing for a while now, so it’s good that Amazon has finally caught up with its biggest rival.

The online retail giant has also changed its streaming policy to allow content to be downloaded over a cellular connection.

Before the update, iOS users had to be tethered to a Wi-Fi network, which often made mobile Instant Video viewing feel a tad redundant.

Users can now make good on the full swiftness of their 4G connections however, courtesy of the latest app update.

Don’t forget about data limits, mind; streaming high-definition footage over a cellular connection is a sure-fire way to rack up serious charges if you go over your monthly allowance.

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Fortunately, Amazon has put in place a range of quality settings to help you get the most from your data.

First up is the ‘Best’ setting, which you won’t want to use unless you’ve got unlimited data. One hour of streaming will use a goliath 5.8GB of data, apparently.

Next is the ‘Better’ plan, which drains you at a rate of 1.8GB per hour. That’s closely followed by ‘Good’, which uses a positively frugal 0.6GB per hour.

The update is live, so iOS users are now able to update to the new software.