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Amazon game controller leaked online, looks a lot like OnLive gamepad

The Amazon game controller has been leaked online and looks strikingly similar to the OnLive gamepad.

Rumour has it that Amazon is beavering away on an Android games console behind the scenes, which could launch later this year with a sub-$300 price or around the £180 mark.

The controller has been snapped multiple times and been spotted passing through the Brazilian FCC, so now we have a good idea as to what Amazon’s gamepad will look like.

From the images, the Amazon controller will have the four A/B/Y/X buttons in the same layout as the Xbox One and previous Xbox iterations.

The D-Pad is located in the lower left hand corner, amidst the offset, concave analog sticks. There are a set of dual shoulder buttons and battery indicator LEDs at the top of the controller.

What’s interesting is that there are three buttons beneath the Amazon logo on the front of the controller. There’s a home, back and menu button that are identical to that offered on Android devices.

This means either this is the controller for Amazon’s Android game console, or the online retail giant is preparing a game controller for Android devices akin to the iOS 7 game controllers like the Logitech Powershell or SteelSeries Stratus.

The Amazon controller also features three media playback controllers along a small sloped section between the hand grips, which is very similar to those featured on the OnLive controller.

There are also six LED lights dotted about the front of the Amazon controller. We expect the four on the right hand side are to indicate which player number you are, but aren’t sure what the left ones could be used for.

Another indication that this is the controller for the Amazon console is centre button with the rather peculiar icon on it. It looks very similar to the logo for the Amazon Game Circle service, which Amazon already has for Android game leaderboards and achievements.

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Amazon game controllerAmazon game controllerAmazon game controllerAmazon game controllerAmazon game controller
Left – Amazon controller    Right – OnLive controller

Via: Engadget