Amazon Enters Digital Game Downloads Market

Cheap thrills at budget prices.

Fans of time-wasting budget games have a new port of call: Amazon Game Downloads. Sure, Valve might have carved out the lion’s share of the digital game download market itself, with Steam, but the pie is pretty big and Amazon wants its slice too.

Tempting customers its way Amazon boasts that customers can: “Try over 600 games for free and b”buy for $9.99 or less.” As you may guess, at ~£7 a price, the games aren’t quite up to LittleBigPlanet or Fable 2 standards, but for the price that’s not really a problem.

There are three free games to download if you fancy, namely:

Build-a-lot – Basically a SimCity rip-off so far as I can tell.

Jewel Quest II – Basically a Bejewelled rip-off so far as I can tell.

The Scruffs – Basically a generic point and click adventure and click so far as I can tell.

I guess as Amazon isn’t charging for these it would be unfair of me to lambast the choice of titles, but something a little more, shall we say, substantial might have been nice. If you are going to download one or all of these free titles, you have until the 10th to do so, so don’t dally.

While on the subject of things we’d life from the service, opening a base of operations in the UK would be good, Amazon. Our money is just as good as anyone else’s – just.


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