Amazon CEO Says Sorry For Kindle Shortage

Puts hearty apology on site's homepage.

The Kindle may not be the most beautiful gadget ever created, but it’s certainly popular…

With stock of the $399 device having run shamefully low since the reader’s official release in November, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has taken the unprecedented step of writing a large apology on the main homepage.

Take it away Jeff:

“”We had high hopes for the Kindle before its launch, but we didn’t expect the demand that actually materialzed. We sold out in the first 5 1/2 hours and have been scrambling to increase our manufacturing capacity ever since. We’ve been shipping on a first-come, first-served basis, but many customers have had to wait as long as six weeks after ordering,.

We hope to be able to announce to you within the next few weeks that we’re back in stock and that when you order a Kindle, we’ll ship it to you that very same day. That’s our goal: order today, and we ship today. Until then, customers can order now, and they’ll be first in line.

For those of you who’ve waited six weeks to get your Kindle, you have our sincere thanks for your patience. Many of you have written detailed and thoughtful customer reviews, and we’re grateful for that too.””

Bezos then flags up a random Kindle cake (?) and signs off. Of course many have accused Amazon of deliberately stifling supply to hype interest in the reader, but that would seem foolhardy given the demand already.

Whoever said reading was dead…? Oh yeah, that’s right.

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