Amazon and Brita launch smart water filter

Amazon has teamed up with Brita to offer a smart water filter with built-in Wi-Fi.

Why does your water filter need Wi-Fi, you ask? Why, to take the tedious process of ordering new replacement filters out of the equation, of course.

The Brita Infinity smart water pitcher will take it upon itself to notify Amazon whenever a new filter is almost due. Said new filter will then miraculously show up at your doorstep just when you require it.

All you need to do is register the Brita online and connect it to your Amazon account, and you’ll the new $5.99 filters will keep on showing up unprompted.

This essentially sees the Amazon Dash Replenishment system integrated into a third party product rather than set up as a stand-alone insta-order button.

In truth, we’ve been expecting the arrival of such a product ever since Amazon announced the Dash Replenishment service a little under a year ago.

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The arrival of this Brita effort was preceded in late January by a range of Brother printers and General Electric washing machines that order replacement ink refills and laundry detergent directly.

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Sadly, the fact that this is an Amazon Dash initiative means that the Brita Infinity is for US Amazon customers only at this point. The service hasn’t made it over to the UK as yet, so we’ll just have to keep ordering our own refills with our own stinking fingers.