Alpine Updates iPod Head Unit

Deliciously swipe-able.

Alpine iPod head units are great. I have one, well I did (before some light-fingered little #@!* decided he was more deserving of its charms than me), so this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time.


Now in its third generation, the range has gained a cult following amongst Geek Petrol Heads (of which I consider myself a fully paid up member) and the new CDE-9850Ri only looks set to expand membership.

The headlining feature of this latest unit is its ‘Full Speed Connection Capability’, which as Alpine puts it: “lets users control their iPod directly through the head unit, with the experience being more like directly interfacing with the iPod itself”. In real terms what this amounts too is 200 per cent faster data transmission for super fast file navigation as well as full-tag artist, album, song and playlist information displayed on the head unit. ‘Quick Search’ lets music be found using all these classifications, while the head unit will also charge the iPod, allowing it to play instantly even if its battery is fully depleted.

A high power 50 Watts x4 amplifier means sound quality should be tip top in an I-Can-Hear-You-From-Two-Miles-Away kinda way and it’s compatible with any existing iPod, even the nano and mini. The CDE-9850Ri is out this month and appears to be fully entitled to your £249.90, or at least one hell of a lot more than that evil #@!* was entitled to my stereo…

Alpine USA