AllofMP3 Owner Gets Away With It!

Personal suit dropped.

The long arm of the Russian law reached out this week… and grasped thin air.

In a remarkable turn of events Denis Kavasov, founder of infamous DRM-free/royalty free music download site AllofMP3, has had international damages claims against him thrown out.

Warner Music, EMI and Universal were amongst the claimants who sort more than $1.65 trillion from the site and 15m rubles ($600,000) from Kavasov himself but that Swiss Cheese of a system also known as Russian law threw out the case saying the ‘entrepreneur’ left the company in December 2005 before the royalty free distribution of music was outlawed in September 2006.

AllofMP3 existed so long because it continued to pay royalties to the Russian licensing group (a legal requirement) but ignored those of the international music labels, something that was accepted at the time.

Kavasov isn’t completely off the hook however, he still faces two more cases against AllofMP3 but with the faith I have in the Russian legal system I’m sure he’ll be awarded damages, a seat in government and a large castle by the close of proceedings.

AllofMP3 History in Wikipedia

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