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Alleged Pixel 5 render shows a hideous camera module − but there is some good news

The Pixel 4a hasn’t even launched yet, but speculation around the Pixel 5 has already started. An alleged Pixel 5 XL render emerged over the weekend, and it shows a handset with a fairly hideous rear camera module.

The render was posted by Jon Prosser, the YouTube personality behind Front Page Tech, who says he obtained it from an “extremely trustworthy” source.

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Prosser’s render only shows the top portion of the rear of a black handset, but it provides plenty of talking points.

Right at the top is a glossy, shield-shaped camera module, with three sensors arranged in a triangle and a flash in the middle. The module looks huge, and it has more than a passing resemblance to a face.

If you hate the design, hold on because there is some good news. Prosser says the sensor at the bottom is a wide-angle lens. If this is indeed the case, the Pixel 5 will be the first Pixel phone to feature this sensor.

The rest of the phone’s rear has a matte finish, and on the side is a white power button and a grey volume rocker − a classic Pixel touch.

According to Prosser, this render shows off one of three prototype designs for the Pixel 5 XL, so there’s a one-in-three chance that Google will press ahead with a completely different design.

Prosser says he’s seen an alleged render of the front of the device too, but decided against posting it. However, he says it will once again feature a forehead, though it may be a little slimmer than the one on the Google Pixel 4.

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The Pixel 4 launched in October, and we expect the Pixel 5 range to land roughly one year later − so around October 2020. However, before that we should get the mid-range Pixel 4a range, which looks set to launch in May.