All Street Fighter V updates will be free; DLC can be earned in-game

Street Fighter V will feature an interesting approach to additional content, as Capcom plans to take a “service-based” path with the new title.

Did you get the opportunity to play Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4? You didn’t? Well, this isn’t surprising. Street Fighter IV has seen a total of four iterations since it was first released in 2008, along with a multitude of DLC packs.

So it’s somewhat refreshing to see that Capcom is set to change its stance on content updates with Street Fighter V. At Evo 2015, the publisher announced that it will be taking a “service-based approach” with the latest game.

“The initial release is the only disc you will ever have to own”, Capcom community manager Peter Rosas wrote on PlayStation.Blog. “All balance and system adjustments will be available for free. All post-launch gameplay-related content will be earnable for free by playing the game.”

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Content and updates will be obtainable through the use of in-game currency called “Fight Money”, which is earned by simply playing the game. Fight Money can be used to purchase a range of post-launch content including new characters, costumes and stages.

“Zenny” is another type of currency that will be available in Street Fighter V, except that this is purchased with real money to acquire premium-level content. Capcom will use the upcoming beta to test the economy of each currency, and to determine how players will approach them.

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Street Fighter V will launch with 16 playable characters. These will include your returning favourites as well as four new faces.

“Post-launch, we will be adding new characters to the roster on a continuous basis, which will provide new content for players to enjoy,” Rosas added.

Capcom wishes to release a product that will appeal to those who aren’t interested in downloadable content while also keeping passionate players engaged beyond the initial release.

Fans will no longer be forced to purchase a new version of the game to keep up with the competitive scene, which was the case with Street Fighter IV. For example, if you want to purchase only one particular character or piece of content, this will now be possible.

If this model proves sustainable then Capcom may be onto something, so long as the economy isn’t riddled with blatant micro-transactions.

In the past, Capcom has been subject to much controversy over its abuse of on-disc DLC, so hopefully we don’t see a repeat of that.

Street Fighter V launches for PS4 and PC in March 2016; it will support cross-play between the two platforms.