Aliph Launches Jawbone Prime

Noise Assassin v2.0.

The days of Bluetooth headsets being seen solely as an accessory for obnoxious executives has (largely) come to an end and helping further kick off its once stuffy image is Aliph…

The company has announced Jawbone ‘PRIME’ (one time only caps lock), the successor to our favourite Bluetooth headset to date: the Noise Assassin. Picking up where the Noise Assassin left off, the Prime makes a wide array of highly welcome tweaks and improvements.

First up is version 2.0 of the company’s patented NoiseAssassin technology which ups the elimination of background noise by an extra 6-9dB. This takes potential noise suppression to around 30 decibels, in real world terms enough to reduce noise such as city traffic to little more than a whisper (reference graph if necessary). On top of this are new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms which aim to eliminate up to 10mph of wind noise – the first Bluetooth headset I’ve seen to try this.

Now noise suppression may be the Jawbone line’s biggest crowd pleaser but another key addition is multipoint support which means the Prime will pair with up to eight devices and two simultaneously. This should prove extremely handy for heavy mobile phone and PC VoIP users. You’ll also find Aliph has been working on a redesigned fit with an array of earbuds in the box which it believes will do away with the (supplied) earloop entirely.

Other notable specs include a talk time of up to 4.5 hours, standby of up to eight days, a full charge in one hour and an 80 per cent charge in just 35 minutes. As for the weight, it is under 10 grams with earbuds. Away from this rather dry data, Jawbone is throwing a little fun into the Prime series with an array of colours to augment the traditional matte black finish. Brown, red, yellow, green, purple and platinum all join the mix.

The Prime launches on 1 June both online and in major outlets such as Apple stores and the Carphone Warehouse. Pricing remains unsurprisingly premium at £89.99 but if the Prime series outperforms the hugely impressive Noise Assassin (and signs are it should) it will be a price worth paying.

Aliph Jawbone

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