Alibaba To Launch English Mobile OS

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce group, is set to launch

itself as a rival to Google and Apple in the mobile operating system market.

Last July Alibaba Cloud

Computing, a unit of Alibaba, launched a smartphone running its new mobile

Aliyun OS (see below). It is now planning to launch an English version of the OS and is in

talks with manufacturers to launch a range of handsets on the market.

President of Alibaba Cloud Computing Wang Jian said that

within two months the company would launch a tablet based on the proprietary

Linux-based OS.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Aliyun OS

“Eventually all our services will be delivered on

mobile. People will spend less time in front of their computer screens and more

time in front of their smartphones,” Wang said.

Wang declined to name the manufacturers it was speaking to

in relation to either smartphones or tablet, but said that they had approached

Alibaba and not the other way around.

Only last week we reported on Dell teaming up with Chinese

search giant Baidu to also produce tablets and smartphones – though for the Chinese

market rather than the English-speaking market.


The Chinese invasion is also evident int he hardware sector. Chinese hardware companies, who until now have been

relatively unknown in this part of the work, such as ZTE and Huawei, are making their mark by launching own-branded handsets

rather than providing white-label devices for carriers as they previously did.

Source: Reuters