Al Gore Whips Up Dual iPhone Storm

Of all the sources of iPhone rumours we’ve seen, Al Gore has to be the

most unusual – and potentially most believable.

The former vice president of the United

States and Nobel laureate is a member of Apple’s board

and will no doubt be whipped for his apparent indiscretion when speaking in South Africa.

Speaking at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit, Gore let

slip that there may be more than one new iPhone model coming next month: “Not

to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug,” he said in an aside from his scripted speech.

While it may not sound like much, the fact that Gore used

the plural when speaking about new iPhones could indicate that rumours of a

more budget-friendly iPhone being launched alongside the flagship iPhone 5 are,

in fact, on the money.

iPhone Nano iPhone 4S

Whether it’s called the iPhone 4S, iCloud iPhone or iPhone

Nano, the wallet-friendly handset is said to cost less, have lower memory and a

lower resolution screen.

Yesterday it was revealed to AllThingsD that the Apple’s autumn press event would take place on 4 October

when Tim Cook, the new CEO, will take the stage for the first time.

With Apple renowned for not wanting to reveal its products prior

to launch, Gore’s indiscretion will be looked on disapprovingly in Cupertino and his eight

year tenure on Apple’s board may be in jeopardy.

Whether Gore’s statement has any real meaning or whether

it’s just a slip of the tongue, we won’t know until Cook makes his first public

pronouncement as Apple CEO, which may or may not take place on 4 October.

At least that clears things up then……