AJP Debuts WUXGA 7800 GTX Notebook

Feast your eyes on these features...

I spy with my little eye… something with ballistic specs:

The D900T-X, coming from AJP, is a power packed machine of the highest order. It’s jammed with nVidia’s latest and greatest mobile GPU, the Go 7800 GTX, a 3.8GHz Intel P4, support for an incredible 2.8GB of RAM and a screaming 100GB 7,200 RPM hard drive.


Desktop real estate will also be at its most massive courtesy of a 17in widescreen WUXGA (that’s 1900 x 1200) display. Naturally, all the bells and whistles are there too such as Bluetooth, wireless and a dual layer DVD re-writer, while a TV tuner with remote control will be an optional extra.

Like any desktop replacement laptop, the D900T-X won’t be one to swing merrily under your arm during a spate of Interrailing, but at 5.2Kg and 39.7 x 29.8 x 4.9cm it isn’t any heftier than the competition. A fully loaded (yup, even with 2.8GB RAM) machine will set you back just under two grand before VAT which – proportionately – is quite reasonable. You’ll be able to get your mitts on one in the next couple of weeks.

Want to embarrass your mate’s water cooled, overclocked, modded, LCD-overloaded, clear cased 6800 SLI system with a mere laptop? The D900T-X could be the one to do it…