AirPower has almost completely vanished from the Apple website

The keenly anticipated Apple AirPower multi-device wireless charging pad failed to make an appearance at this week’s iPhone XS launch, and it appears to have also been almost completely wiped from the company’s website.

AirPower was unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and now-discontinued iPhone X a year ago, with Apple saying at the time that it would come out in 2018.

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Initial reports pointed to a March release, but when that didn’t happen everyone simply assumed it would arrive in September, with Tim Cook widely expected to make a big song and dance about it at Apple’s September 12 event.

Instead, not only did AirPower fail to get a single mention, but almost all references to it have also been removed from the Apple website.

In the aftermath of the iPhone XS launch, ZDNet discovered that the only remaining reference to the device is a picture on a page dedicated to the AirPods.

apple airpower

There’s still more than three months left of 2018 for Apple to come good on its promise, but the AirPods situation isn’t looking great at the moment. Then again, “currently unavailable” is very different to scrapped.

Reports have suggested that Apple is experiencing serious technical challenges. Nobody would have expected it to be easy to develop a multi-device wireless charging device that can charge in any position, but overheating in particular appears to have been a serious issue.

The AirPower no-show was arguably the low point of a fairly underwhelming evening.

The new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are extremely expensive and don’t represent major upgrades on the iPhone X, which Apple has now stopped selling altogether, and the iPhone XR is also pricier than many expected.

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The only other piece of new hardware unveiled at the event was the Apple Watch 4, which sadly doesn’t feature a circular screen, but does represent a big upgrade over the Apple Watch 3.

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