These AirPods come with a retro Apple colour scheme and $399 price tag

If you’ve been eyeing up the AirPods but want something a little more retro looking, then why not give these custom-painted earbuds a try? The design comes courtesy of ColorWare, which has given Apple’s true wireless earbuds a retro Macintosh-inspired makeover. 

It doesn’t come cheap at $399 (around £299), which is a $240 (£179) price premium over the standard AirPods, but it looks pretty nicely put together.

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The charging case, first spotted by MacRumors, features a small multi-coloured circle that’s very reminiscent of Apple’s original logo, and both the case and earbuds have been painted a subtle beige hue.

If the thought of getting your 2018 consumer electronics in a decidedly ’90s colour scheme isn’t your vibe, then Colorware will let you pick from a variety of custom designs, with prices starting at $299 (around £225). Going down this route also means you won’t have to worry about the limited edition run selling out.

Everything old is new again

The beige colours and old fashioned logo might not be to everyone’s taste, but speaking as someone who recently bought and restored an old Apple Extended Keyboard II, the design looks amazing to me.

No one can claim that Apple has fallen behind in the design stakes these days, but there’s still something to be said for its beige origins, which by this point have happily moved beyond looking ‘dated’ to being certifiably ‘retro’.

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Now we just need Apple to embrace the design trend and start producing its MacBooks and iPhones in the retro colour-scheme. Failing that, just being able to get the AirPods in a colour other than white would be a nice start.

Would you pay extra to get your AirPods in a different colour? Let us know @TrustedReviews.