Could Apple’s new AirPods charge in just 15 minutes?

Rumours swirling around Apple’s wireless AirPods 2 haven’t let up recently, but this newest whisper is that this latest iteration could charge fast. Really fast.

This news comes from XDA TV host and writer, Max Weinbach, who suggests that wireless charging will be part of both the Airpods and their carry case, with both rumoured to charge in 15 minutes.

For this to work, expect the case to get a little bigger in one direction as Apple seek to take advantage of Qi charging technology, which will probably add a bit of weight to the case, too. The case will, reportedly, work with the original generation AirPods, too.

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Take this all with a slight dose of skepticism, Weinbach has a mixed history with leaks. However, we shouldn’t have to wait long to see what the deal is — several other rumours reckon we’ll see the new-look AirPods revealed sometime in March.

The message also mentions something being similar to the Apple Pencil, although the tweet is missing an essential word.

So, yes it’s all a little tenuous, but with our review of the original AirPods, mobile editor Max Parker said: “Ultimately, the Apple AirPods make me excited for what Apple can achieve for future versions, as the first attempt falls short in some important areas.”

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It looks like the time for that future version is now, and you would have to be completely heartless to not be at least a little bit enthusiastic about what Apple are coming out with.

How does charging up your headphones in 15 minutes sound? Would you upgrade to a next-gen set of AirPods? It’s gotta be good for the memes at least, right? We’re on Twitter for your thoughts and feelings. Hit us up at @TrustedReviews