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AirJamz is a wearable air guitar for your wrist

Most wearables are geared towards helping you get fitter, achieve your goals and smash your personal best. So how refreshing to see one that’s completely ridiculous.

AirJamz looks like a fitness band, but it’s actually a wearable air guitar. Strap it on your wrist, download the app, and you’ll make sound as you strum along.

You can change the sound of your guitar at the touch of a button, so you can go from squealing to shredding in no time.

It comes with a range of bands – white, red and black – so you can match one to your stage outfit. You can even add a second player, so you can jam along with a friend.

It’s made by the same people as the JamStick, which was basically a cut-down version of Guitar Hero but without the game. It helped people to learn the guitar with a small, affordable gadget.

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As if you needed further proof of its credentials, AirJamz is the official air guitar of USAG, US Air Guitar, which is the sport’s official governing body in the US. Seriously.

It’s raised over $18,000 of a $30,000 goal and still has 33 days to go. The early birds are selling out fast, but if you’re quick, you can pick one up for $39 (£28). All things being well, it should ship in August.


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