Aigo’s Tiny PMP

2in screen and less than 85g.

Just because you’re small and square doesn’t mean you’ll be loved. The Q-BE proved that emphatically this month, but does Aigo make a better fist of it?


Measuring just 66 x 66 x 19mm and weighing only 85g, the E858 is one of the smallest PMP’s we’ve seen. Despite this, it features a 2in screen, between 512MB and 2GB of flash memory (depending on your budget) and supports almost every format around.

MP3, WMA, OGG, Mpeg4, Jpegs and even TXT files can all be shown and Aigo promises there will be no screen latency. A TV output means media can be relayed directly to your goggle box, while the USB2.0 interface makes file transfers to and from the E858 snappy. Voice recording is also featured and data can be copied and deleted from the device without the need for a PC.

Battery life is quoted at a credible 3.5 hours playing video and a not so impressive five hours when belting out your favourite audio tracks. Aigo has already begun shipping the E858 in France of all countries (France?!) for around 250 euros and an expected attempt to land on our shores (before running away again?) will occur soon.

”NB: No, I didn’t Photoshop in the girl on the right. The French probably did it. Why? Because they’re French, what more evidence do you need…?”

Aigo UK