Aigo Offers MP3 Watch

Released in the run up to Christmas, aigo's latest MP3 player has a timely feel to it.

MP3 player supreme, aigo has released the unusual U-Watch aimed at sports fans. It’s an MP3 player built-in to a watch with up to 256MB of storage. It supports MP3 and WMA files as well as WAV files and has a 5-band equalizer. It has a built-in microphone and connects to PC via USB. Battery life isn’t enormous at four hours from the built-in battery but this should be enough unless you’re planning on going for very long runs.

Apparently the styling of the watch is inspired by Rolex, and features a black backlit dial plate, with glowing hands. The watch is also waterproof and scratch proof. It costs £100 for the 256MB version and £70 for the 128MB version.

The U-Watch comes complete with stereo earphones, soft carry case, user’s manual and USB cable.


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