Age of Empires is back with 4K ‘Definitive Edition’

20 years after its release, Age of Empires is back.

No, it’s not a new game, but it’s a 20th anniversary edition of the original game featuring brand-new 4K assets, improved gameplay and a new soundtrack. The news was announced at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017.

One of the iconic strategy games of the 90s, Age of Empires was a smash hit for Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios. While Ensemble was closed a few years ago, Microsoft still owns the IP, so apparently saw fit to re-release the game for die-hard fans.

Want to get hands-on? There’s a beta programme, which can be found on the Age of Empires website. It’s so popular, the website’s already crashed, so maybe try again a bit later.

The trailer below gives a very brief overview of the new features, while the gameplay shown demonstrates smoother animation, high-res textures and even teases Xbox Live multiplayer.

It’s a lovely piece of nostalgia, and it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft is holding any other exciting announcements before the game launches.