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Ads invade Samsung’s Smart TVs and people aren’t happy

Samsung has rolled out a long-planned update for its Smart TVs that sees the interface infiltrated with advertisements.

The ads, which arrived for some users earlier this month, seemingly cannot be avoided unless users disconnect from the internet.

This, of course, disables the entire point of owning a Smart TV as it negates access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and all of that good stuff.

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AdAge reports the advertisements are relatively unobtrusive until they’re highlighted by the user and can then cover up to three-quarters of the screen.

SAmsung smart tv
(Image credit: AdAge)

The change has upset Smart TV owners, many have whom have taken to Reddit to voice their displeasure.

One poster wrote: “Free service plus ads or paid service plus no ads, pick one Samsung. Ads are a large reason why I ditched cable, the viewing experience wasn’t worth the money with one-third of the broadcast time filled with ads.”

Samsung says users can opt-out of these “interest-based ads” through the settings menu, but many Reddit posters say they’re continuing to see them even after making their preferences clear.

The backlash may tempt Samsung to roll back the software, given we’re entering an important time not to upset would-be TV buyers.

Those eyeing a Smart TV purchase in the new year would, all things being equal, choose a model without intrusive ads, right?

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Would ads keep you from buying a Samsung Smart TV? Or is this a storm in a teacup? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.