Adele tickets: Online touts thwarted by Songkick software

Adele fans were scrambling to pick up tickets for her European Tour on Wednesday – and despite huge demand, a greater percentage of real supporters may have snagged themselves a pair for an upcoming show.

In partnership with seller Songkick, the “Hello” single may have assisted a clampdown on ticket resellers, who buy up popular acts and sell them on at a huge profit.

Adele required would-be concertgoers to register interest on her personal website, which enabled Songkick to use its software to root out known offenders and prevent them from buying tickets.

The company believes that of the 57,000 tickets sold on Wednesday, only 2% have ended up on resale sites so far.

That’s still more than 1,000 tickets, but it’s a 50% improvement on events with similar demand, according to Songkick.

Music Ally (via CNET) found there was an average of just 54 Adele tickets on sale per resale site, while Coldplay tickets averaged 2,939!

A spokesperson for Songkick said: “This morning, Songkick sold 57,000 tickets to fans, with less than 2% of these tickets making their way onto resale markets by mid-afternoon. Compared to other events, we believe these efforts helped to reduce resale by well over 50%.”

Do you think more should be done to combat legal ticket touting via resale sites such as StubHub? Would you like to see legislation introduced to prevent tickets being sold above face value?

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