Actiontec Enables Skype on Mobiles

That's some party trick.

We like Skype. Skype Good. We like mobiles (now they officially don’t fry our brains). Mobiles Good. Want to combine Skype with your mobile? Actiontec good.


The networking guru (under its VoSKY brand) has managed to come up with a device that lets users make Skype calls through both their home phones and mobiles. The Skype-certified ‘VoSKY Call Centre’ is a rather clever expansion on the company’s ‘Internet Phone Wizard’ which Lars liked when he reviewed it in May. If you read the review back then (if not, off you go, shoo…) you’ll know that it unifies both VoIP and fixed line calls but the addition of mobile phone compatibility in this new product is what really gets us licking our lips.

Like the IPW, you simply plug it into an Internet connected PC and any stationary phone for the same functionality but the new VoSKY Call Centre also has a number which you can dial into and follow the audio prompts to make and receive Skype, SkypeIn and SkypeOut calls. The service isn’t range limited so you can even be at your blessed Auntie Audrey’s home in Yarmouth (where the old dear doesn’t have Internet) and call into the VoSKY CC and chat to your friends across the world (all the time nodding enthusiastically at deaf Auntie Audrey pretending your completely into her conversation about drafts). Obviously, you’re still paying for your mobile call time (be it free minutes or the rate of your tariff) but you are getting only the cheap SkypeOut rates – or free Skype service – on top of this, not the International train wreck pricing from your telco.

Now this is just the type of device that is going to make companies like BT and Vodafone jealous and since I’m all in favour of that, I’m all in favour of this. Also going for it is its immediate availability and the fact you can buy it direct from VoSKY now for just $69.95 (less than a ten nanosecond call to Namibia on BT standard rates). If you can waffle with the best of them I suggest heading over there as fast as your little legs can carry you…