Acorn Computers Re-seeded

Yes its back, yes we know half of you aren't old enough to remember it in the first place.

Blast from the past time. Hot on the heels of Commodore, Acorn is making a comeback!

The 80s icon has dusted itself off and leapt back into the ‘personal computer space’ (even its talk still sounds retro!) with a flurry of new laptops. Few details are known at present but we understand there will be two lines split into confusing subdivisions:

The Solos make up the more compact models and as such we will see the ‘Solo Note’ a laptop with a 12.1in screen and its bigger brother the 14in ‘Solo Book’. Larger still are the 15.4in ‘Desk Note’ and 17in ‘Desk Book’. Now I’m not sure where all this ‘Note’ and ‘Book’ malarkey comes in (we don’t see AMD releasing the Athlon ‘Pro’ and Turion ‘Cessor’!?!) but I’m willing to forgive anything because, hey, Acorn’s back! Besides, they also sound kinda like Star Wars characters…


Sadly we don’t have anymore specs yet on the hyper-galactic quartet but given that Acorn says it will target everyone, which it defines as: Education and Academia, General Public, SME and SOHO business, Public Sector and Large Enterprise we can probably rule out substantial graphics solutions and bombastic integrated speakers.

Still, the route to recovery is one step at a time and I’m chirpy with nostalgia just to see it return. Speaking of which, a quick FYI for Acorn marketing directors out there: If you guys want to be known as ‘Acorn Computers’ – as the title to your webpage suggests you do – then best you use the domain name ‘’, not ‘’… Think about it, ok?

I know, I know, this web stuff can be confusing to older generations!


Since this story went live we’ve had two emails suggesting this so called ‘re-launch’ may in fact be little more than another company trying to cash in on the Acorn name.

At this stage we have seen no concrete evidence to back this up and no other site has publically withdrawn their own write ups of the story. Set against this we have yet to hear back from ”Acorn” itself regarding this matter.

Consequently, we advise readers (especially very nostalgic ones) to proceed with caution.

”’Update 2:”’ Yup, official confirmation this isn’t the old Acorn we know and love. Here’s the story straight from the horse’s (trees?) mouth:

”From: Qercus editor (

Sent: 21 November 2006 16:16


Subject: Acorn Computers”


”I note your uncertainty in the post-script after your article of 8th May

2006 (sorry about the delay) – “Acorn Computers Re-seeded” by Gordon Kelly.”

”I’d like to confirm that, although the new company referred to in the article have the same name as the original Acorn Computers Ltd, they are not the same company and, as far as we know, have no right to call on the goodwill built up by the original company.”

”The design and development of the original company do continue in the work done by other companies who were part of the original ‘family’ working with Acorn. These include RISCOS Ltd (a group formed by the Acorn retailers at the time Acorn pulled out of the desktop business), who purchased the right to continue to develop the RISC operating system developed by Acorn. Companies spun off from Acorn also include ARM Ltd.”

”As principal commentators of the Acorn desktop computer scene for the last 25 years (nearly – as Acorn User we started in July 1982 within Acorn itself) I can confirm that the company now calling itself Acorn Computers Ltd does not supply machines or software with any known connection to the Acorn stable.

Although they have different names the following companies do provide such machines/emulations as owners, designers or main retailers:”

”Advantage 6”

”Castle Technology Ltd”

”CJE Micro’s”

”Iyonix Ltd”



”Stuart Tyrrell Developments”

”Virtual Acorn”

”John Cartmell”

”editor Qercus magazine (formerly Acorn User/BBC Acorn User)”

Acorn Computers

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