Acer Stuffs 3G Into Laptops

Gordon gets excited.

The connectivity options in notebooks today are almost endless (you can find a toaster and something that washes the dishes if you look hard enough), but it has taken a curiously long time for 3G to wriggle its way alongside WiFi and Bluetooth as defacto spec. So hats off to Acer for joining the party.


Both the company’s Aspire and TravelMate series are going to be on the receiving end of embedded 3G wireless technology, very soon and which – if you’re part of the slow class – means I’ll have to explain again that 3G is up to seven times faster than a traditional 56k dial up modem.

In fact, we’re not just talking 3G here either, regular pond hoppers will be pleased that EDGE capabilities at 900/1800 and 1900MHz and (obviously) GPRS – like that fat kid that nobody wants to talk to – make up the numbers. Interestingly, the 3G capabilities of the integrated cards are also upgradeable to the next generation HSDPA standard as and when.

The Napa based Aspire 5650 and TravelMate 4250 (a TM4200 is above) will be Acer’s first 3G-ers through the door and users will surely welcome their new found ability to surf from remote locations meaning now you can work anytime, anywhere… oh hang on, that’s really depressing…

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