Acer Snaps Up Gateway Computers

Taking it from 3rd biggest PC distributor to a slightly larger 3rd biggest distributor.

Most of us must agree that on a Bank Holiday Monday working is a crazy idea, but apparently no-one told Acer and Gateway because they chose yesterday to announce to the world that the two companies have agreed a deal which will see the acquisition of Gateway by Acer in full.

The deal has cost Acer an estimated $710 million, and will consolidate its position as the third largest PC manufacturer in the world. The combined company is expected to produce revenue of over $15 billion.

Adding Gateway into its arsenal should give Acer an entry to the government and education markets along side its already impressive consumer lineup. The Gateway branding will remain after the sale, although it may well be absorbed into the Acer name at some point in the future.

Gateway meanwhile has been given first refusal in respect of Packard Bell (via buying out its holding company), which if taken up could make a veritable conglomerate of the Acer chain. No further information on that deal is yet available but no doubt we’ll hear something soon.

Acer press release.

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