Acer Predator Tablet is first Android slate with Intel Atom X7

Acer has revealed a bit more about its upcoming gaming-oriented tablet, the Acer Predator Tablet, revealing it is the first Android tablet to feature Intel’s new Atom X7 processor.

The new 8-inch slab will use the impressive processing grunt of Intel’s latest mobile chip to take the fight to the Nvidia Shield tablet.

It will also feature an array of four speakers – one in each corner – to create what Acer believes is a more immersive sound that’s ideal for playing games.

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The tablet takes after the rest of Acer’s Predator range in terms of styling with an angular, metal-clad shape and bright red corners.

There’s still plenty we don’t know about the tablet, though, like when it will arrive, how much it will be and exactly what other internal specs we can expect.