Acer Liquid Express Features NFC

Acer is bigging-up the NFC feature of its latest smartphone, the

Liquid Express, by rolling out some new superheroes to tell us all about the phone’s

features including Flash Lightning and Miss Connected.

The Liquid Express is a 3.5in smartphone running Android 2.3

and featuring a Qualcomm 7227 processor running at 800MHz. It will come with a

five megapixel camera.

While NFC technology has been around for some time, it has

so far not been widely adopted but Acer, in collaboration with Orange and

T-Mobile, promise “to make these new services widely accessible thanks to an

affordable and easy-to-use smartphone.”

The phone is available from Orange for free on a £20.50-a-month, two year

contract, or also free on a £15.24-a-month on a two year T-Mobile contract.

Acer also confirmed that all future smartphones will come with NFC technology.

“Even if contactless technology has only just started

spreading across the UK,

it is important for the customer to take into account future need when choosing

a new model. In a few months’ time quite a number of smartphone users, whose

new smartphones don’t include NFC functionality, will have to change their

mobile in order to benefit from this new technology,” says Allen Burnes,

Vice-President of Acer’s THBG division.

However if you don’t believe Mr. Burnes, then Acer has

recruited three superheroes (like Flash Lightning above) to tell you just what this phone can do and you can

see their rather embarrassing videos below as well as here and here.

Is an NFC chip a feature of a smartphone which you think is

important? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Acer

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