Acer Joins The Blu-ray Association

Fortunately for HD DVD, notebooks aren't the only battleground in the war.

It’s a good job that the HD format war isn’t based purely on PC and notebooks or HD DVD might as well give up now. Discounting those manufacturers who offer all formats, Blu-ray has about three times the support, with systems from Sony, and Dell among others proliferating in the market. Meanwhile HD DVD’s only real proponent is Toshiba in its Qosmio line.

As of today, the Blu-ray camp is one supporter up, and it isn’t a small one either. Acer had previously been shipping Aspire notebooks with HD DVD drives but now the third largest shipper of PC systems worldwide, plans to fit high-end desktop and notebooks with Blu-ray drives, which will certainly be causing the HD DVD camp some discomfort.

The move to neutrality comes alongside as-yet unverifiable statistics released by Sony, which claim that the company has now shipped over one million discs in the US and 250,000 in Europe. Apparently, that gives the media a 2:1 sales lead on HD DVD. As we keep saying, this war won’t be over any time soon.

Blu-ray Disc Association press release.

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