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Acer confirms plans to launch first wearables later this year

Step aside Samsung, Sony and Huawei, Acer has confirmed that it intends to enter the wearables race later this year.

With smartwatches and wearable fitness trackers becoming the latest hot topics on the tech scene, Acer has revealed to TrustedReviews that it will launch its first range of wearable devices during the second half of the year.

“Wearables will start coming into play soon,” Allen Burnes, Vice President of Acer’s Smartphone Business Group told us.

We will be deploying wearable products through the second half of this year. We were going to announce some stuff now but we decided to hold back.”

Despite confirming plans to release its first wearable products within a matter of months, Burnes failed to offer any explanation for the delays, or indeed what form the wearables would take.

Suggesting that the company’s first wearables will be “very targeted,” Acer’s smartphone VP all but ruled out launch a smartwatch to rival the Samsung Gear 2, branding watches “a harder wearables prospect.”

Remaining coy on the company’s future product lines, Burnes stated simply: “You will see wearables coming out from us through the second half and they will be very targeted.”

He teasingly added: “The wearables space will also start interfacing differently with multiple products.”

Although being tightlipped on what form the products will take, the Acer exec has hinted that the company will approach different designs and form factors that its rivals.

Burnes stated: “If you look at smartphone and its extensions, and now this absorption into the greater screen size thing, I think from industry design and form factor I think there can be changes this year that turn into bigger changes next year.”

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